VicRoads Club Permit Scheme




Phillip Tolliday 0364-H3    24/03/22
Ian Day               3372-H8    30/04/23

MAY 2022

Ron Dawson       07438H   10/05/22
Chris Rissmann 37735H    08/05/22
Noel Gambold    604474    18/05/22
Norm Nieuwland 66435H 11/05/22
Lane Griffin        90080H  17/05/22
Trevor Delarue  90082H   25/05/22
Jan Harper         0364H3   08/05/22

JUNE 2022

Wayne Owen       09083H 21/06/22
Michael Crispo   08912H 28/06/22
Jennifer Turner  66441H 3/06/22
Kieth Eldridge    69526H 7/06/22
Richard Smyth   0933-H6 12/06/22
Sam Prior            06/2022

JULY 2022

Jeff Whitten            03275H    22/07/22
Rob Sullivan           09103H    07/07/22
James Woodward 26023H   05/07/22
Scott Kelly               40013H   09/07/22
Cody Richards        62450H   01/07/22
Peter Picken            57380H   01/07/22



If you don’t renew your Club Membership by the due date, your permit registration will be automatically INVALIDATED until your membership is renewed.


The review of the operation of the current club permit scheme was to have taken place this year. However, due to the current various situation in Victoria this will now be undertaken next year. In the interim several amendments will be introduced commencing in October. The ones which affect our club are as follows;

When a club member attends a VicRoads office to place a vehicle on the scheme an appointment to do this will have to have been made. (appointment fee will be $19.00) This will mean that you won’t have to wait in a queue and the staff member who serves you is fully trained in the club permit process. This change should ensure that your visit is both quick and the application is processed correctly. Renewal of a current permit will remain as per current. No mention has been made of having to present the vehicle when first applying for the permit.

A new offence of “failure to complete logbook” will be introduced (fine of $165.00) This will replace the practice of issuing a fine for driving an unregistered vehicle (fine $900.00) if you are detected driving a vehicle without a current entry in your logbook.

A fee ($38.00) will now be charged for the number plates issued when a vehicle is
placed on the scheme. The long- awaited option of slimline plates will now be
available ($150.00)

There will be a small increase in the cost of both 45 day and 90-day permits.

As a member club of the Association of Motoring Clubs we have been given the opportunity to comment on these coming changes. The Association will collate the results of these comments and present them to VicRoads. Unfortunately, the timeline for these comments is very short, only a matter of days. Due to this short timeline I have spoken to our president and based on the discussion have advised the Association that we do not have any issues with the changes.


VICROADS has advised that their customer service centres are still accepting payments for Club Permit renewals.

However if permit holders do not wish to attend a customer service centre, they can continue to renew permits by post*.

GPO Box 1644

*Payments can only be made by cheque.

NECC recommend posting your renewals using Australia Post ‘Domestic letter with tracking’ envelopes.
This method will provide you the ability to track your envelope.


At the end of 2017 the committee made the decision not to admit any vehicles to the scheme owned by members who joined the club from the start of 2018 onwards.

Members who joined the club prior to the start of 2018 would still be permitted to place vehicles on the scheme after this date.

Any persons not eligible to access the Club Permit Scheme through this club are advised to visit the VicRoads website and download the list of eligible clubs participating in the scheme (there are many).

Members who are eligible to place vehicles on the scheme are requested to contact the Club Permit Officer if they are proposing to place a vehicle on the scheme prior to obtaining a roadworthy certificate to discuss their application.